Trio -2016-

Giuseppe Pucciarelli

Pucciarelli’s first album entitled ‘Trio’ was recorded in one day with the remarkable team of young jazz players: 22 year old guitarist/composer Giuseppe Pucciarelli: 22 year-old bassist Aldo Capasso and 26 year-old drummer Antonio Porpora.

The album ‘Trio’ covers a wide range of compositional and stylistic ground but it is essentially focused on Latin music and straight-ahead jazz. Pucciarelli’s originals include the Modern Latin ‘Distinction’, the Brazilian/Samba ‘Sona, Anto’’, the Bossa Nova ‘Anima Latina’, the Ballad ‘And She Walks Away’ and the Medium Swing ‘Goldfinch’. The album feature the trio’s version of jazz standards Solar and Giant Steps.