Shall We Say It Is Worth

Giuseppe Pucciarelli

Jazz Guitarist Giuseppe Pucciarelli is building a large and constant following around Europe with the releasing of his new album entitled “Shall We Say It Is Worth”. The album shows fantastic compositions, virtuosic solo journeys and a sophisticated yet understandable sense of harmonies and melodies.

Pucciarelli’s new quartet, featuring Ergio Valente (Piano), Aldo Capasso (Bass) and Marco Gagliano (Drums), has classified an instantly identifiable sound grounded on creative melodic innovation.

‘Shall We Say It Is Worth’ sounds like what listeners have come to expect from the quartet’s members during the past couple of years. The fundamental share of pianist Ergio Valente in the character of the Pucciarelli 4et is no secret and makes fascinating a view on the man next to Giuseppe Pucciarelli. Pucciarelli’s comprehensible compositional approach shines through the concept of Ergio Valente’s improvisations, which are more like real-time compositions than standard solos. Valente’s virtuosity is astounding, reminding the listeners of the melodicism of Michel Petrucciani and the frenetic virtuosism of Herbie Hancock.

Throughout the whole album, both Pucciarelli’s and Valente’s solos evolve to pure torrents of sound that never fail to resolve into a highlight that bring emotions always very high. The unmistakable character of the quartet is due to this intellectual element together with the guitarist somewhat melody-orientated approach. Although conceptually modern, Pucciarelli’s improvising is firmly grounded in the jazz tradition of melody and swing. Combining lyricism with forward thinking melodic lines, his playing style is distinguished by a very soft and mellow tone. His guitar-playing style recalls indeed guitar-giants such as Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery and even his compatriot and hero Pino Daniele.

Contrabassist Aldo Capasso is always very present, varying from being somewhat quite in the background to play with an impressive freedom. He’s a real master of his instrument, always adding a sense of excellent flavors to the music.

Aldo Capasso and Marco Gagliano are the real foundations of the band, demonstrating an excellent sense of taste and musicianship. The two musicians contributed significantly to the endeavour, mixing layered rhythms with warm, genteel and precise support to piano and guitar.

The quartet members are all very young, and promise excellent music for their future. ‘Shall We Say It Is Worth’ is a must-listen album for those who want to enjoy modern jazz that somehow mix Brazilian music, fusion and even some good pop.


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