Giuseppe Pucciarelli is a jazz guitarist and composer.
He has been playing the guitar since the age of five when his father bought him a classical guitar for his birthday. From the age of 10, Pucciarelli received classical guitar lessons. A few years later, keen to further his expertise in advanced jazz improvisation and composition, he decided to go further with the music studies and, as a result, he moved to London for studying at the Guildhall School of Music.
Shortly thereafter, he started to perform in the city’s most important jazz club including Ronnie Scott and Pizza Express and to teach all aspects of Music Theory, Jazz Harmony, Improvisation and Composition.
Pucciarelli’s high level of motivation let him record his first original album ‘Shall We Say It Is Worth” at the age of 23. He has released since then ‘Feel Free To Feel Free’ (2019) and ‘Tunes We Like’ (2021).

His new album is entitled ‘Uplift’ and sees him go back to record with the Italian quartet featuring Aldo Capasso, Ergio Valente and Marco Gagliano.