UPLIFT [Ubuntu Music, 2022) BUY OR LISTEN

Uplift is new the realease of what goes under the collective group name of The Pucciarelli Group. The same quartet which previously release ‘Shall We Say It Is Worth’ now bring a tremendous album that will delight music fans for its great display of melodicism and virtuosity. This Italian quartet features some of the most interesting upcoming musician of the Napolitan Jazz Scene: Ergio Valente (Piano), Aldo Capasso (Bass) and Marco Gagliano (Drums). Uplift is greatly composed and hopes to display Pucciarelli’s vision of music to a wider audience.


TUNES WE LIKE [ Self Released, 2020 ]   BUY OR LISTEN


Tunes We Like features Giuseppe in different duo settings with Aldo Capasso (bass), Sam Knight (tenor saxophone) & Irini Arabatzi (voice). Tunes We Like is an acoustic EP about semplcity. As Giuseppe recalls: “Acoustic’ because I decided not to record with an amp. ‘EP’ beacuse we didn’t have the time to record songs for a full album. ‘Semplicity’ because we went into the studio, sat down, recorded and left. I didn’t know whether what we recorded was going to be released. But here it is”


SHALL WE SAY IT IS WORTH IT [ Ubuntu Music, 2022 ] BUY or LISTEN

Jazz Guitarist and composer Giuseppe Pucciarelli built a large and constant following around Europe with the releasing of his debut album entitled Shall We Say It Is Worth It. The album recorded in 2017 shows fantastic compositions, virtuosic solo journeys and a sophisticated yet understandable sense of harmonies and melodies. Pucciarelli’s new quartet- featuring Ergio Valente (Piano), Aldo Capasso (Bass) and Marco Gagliano (Drums)- has classified an instantly identifiable sound grounded on creative melodic innovation.